Overreactions From a Warm Winter

5 Mar
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    Praying to the snow gods to cancel my exam. #umasssnow
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    I love watching the facial expressions of my classmates when they walk through the door covered in snow. #miserable #umasssnow
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    Snow has stopped, but roads remain icy. Where’s the salt? @UMassAmherst #umasssnow
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    Fell a total of 4 times today UMASS might want to look into some rock salt #umasssnow
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    “Snow just makes me want to drink” things you hear at UMass #umasssnow
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    It’s the funniest thing seeing girls make their own Amherst series of #Wipeout on the sidewalk after the bars close. #Hotmess #umasssnow
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    No snow in December, January, February…snow in March. Only in New England. #umasssnow

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